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Earth Brides & Alien Warriors, Book 3

I’m the captain of Earth’s moonbase. I can handle any mission. I do not need a partner, even if he is a sexy-as-sin alien commander, who looks at me like he’s trying to decide between throttling me or…something else.

His grumpy demeanor and dominant streak make me want to shake him, but I can’t deny the heat between us. Do I dare put my hand to the flame? I’ve been burned before. And I’ve guarded my heart ever since.

As we travel to a distant planet to find the rare substance that will save both our kinds, we soon discover the inhabitants have some odd customs. And if we don’t follow their sensual mandates, they’ll withhold the bounty.

The survival of the Earth-Rhonar treaty depends on our success. We can’t afford to fail. But when victory depends on a death-do-us-part bond, can I put my heart on the line and trust again? And will this alien warrior lower his defenses to let me?

Only the stars know.

Alien’s Temptation is a sci-fi romance and book three in the Earth Brides and Alien Warriors series, but it can be read as a standalone. Will they find their brides? Steamy seduction, fated mates, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed.




Book Author: Tina Moss
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