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Modern Knights, Book 3

The Race is on to Save Colin and Bring Him Back from the Beyond.

Even if being a personal wizard to a powerful CEO has its perks, Colin Fisher’s body and soul have paid for these benefits with every case. From stopping a crime spree by a demon pact wizard to killing a relentless ice demon, he’s been on the job. Yet he still doesn’t know what happened to his fiancée on the night he gained his magic.

To solve that mystery, he will have to pay the highest price yet. On the floor of his arcane sanctum, in a self-induced coma, he’s trying to peel back the layers of time and solve the enigma. But if he does, he may never wake up.

Meanwhile, the two women who love him have their hands full trying to keep him alive while he’s on his spirit journey. Veruca Wakefield, demon blooded assassin, and Andrea Deveraux, FBI trained agent, will have to work together if they are to defeat both threats and save Colin.

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Book Author: Joshua Bader
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