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Being Chosen by the Gods doesn’t mean much when the Gods have abandoned you.

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Book Author: E. J. Wenstrom
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Chronicles Of The Third Realm War, Book 3

Being Chosen by the Gods doesn’t mean much when They have abandoned you.Jordan was raised to save his people from the coming war. All his life he has trained to eliminate the rebel army of demigods and demons foretold to turn the middle realm of Terath to dust.

Now, the final battle has arrived. But everything that made Jordan special is stripped away—his prophetic ability to hear the Gods, his leadership over his people, and even his faith.

As the rebels send a new threat—the most powerful wizard of all the ages—to destroy Jordan and the people of Haven, he has never felt more lost.

So, when the golem who served as Jordan’s only friend and childhood protector disappears, Jordan ventures to solve at least one problem in his dark, broken world, even if it means breaking into the Gods’ home and hunting Them down.

No matter the cost, he’ll bring back a soul for his friend…or die trying.