AI (Artificial Intelligence) Artwork Policy

December 8, 2022 -

City Owl Press is committed to upholding the rights of artists. With the rise of AI artwork within the book community and beyond, a debate has risen about the legality of utilizing such work in commercial projects, including issues of consent, appropriation, original works, copyright, and IP law. As the legal system navigates this complicated topic, City Owl Press releases this official policy regarding AI artwork.

Until such a time that AI programs release their dataset and can demonstrate that the sourced material is public domain or artists have given consent for the inclusion of their works, City Owl Press will not use AI artwork in its design projects, including but not limited to book cover art, art prints, and interior page art. Any project that currently has AI artwork will need to meet the above guidelines or be replaced within an appropriate time frame.

City Owl Press will continue to monitor the nature and usage of AI artwork as information becomes available.

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