1. How do I download an eBook I've bought from City Owl Press to my chosen device?

See the instructions on our downloading digital books page HERE.

2. How do I transfer an eBook I've bought from City Owl Press from my computer to my eReader?

If you purchase an eBook from City Owl Press, you can easily hook up the Kindle or Nook to your computer using a USB cable.

To add a City Owl Press Kindle (mobi) or Nook (ePub) eBook to your device:

  • Download and save your eBook to your computer hard drive. We suggest creating a folder called “Books”.
  • Turn your device ON and connect it to your computer. Use the USB cable that came with your device.
  • Drag and drop the eBook file from the hard drive folder into the documents folder on your device.
  • When the USB activity indicator on your device stops flashing, “Safely Remove Mass Storage Device (Windows) or “Eject” (Mac), unplug the USB cable from your device.

Your newly purchased eBook from City Owl Press should now appear in your eReader library.

3. How do I sign up for your mailing list?

Click SIGN UP HERE at the top of the page and fill out the form. You may also opt-in to become a reviewer, receiving the newest titles in Romance, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, and Horror, and from City Owl Press.

4. What eBook formats are available from City Owl Press?

We offer .ePub format which is the standard in digital books. It is capable of being read on several eReaders, Smartphones, Computers, and Tablets. It is now also the preferred format for Amazon’s Kindle devices.

5. Do you have paperbacks or hard covers available for sale?

Yes, but not directly on our website. You may find our print books available online at all major retail sites.

If you are a bookseller or librarian, you may order direct from us at
wholesale pricing. We will be launching a wholesale site in 2025. Until then, you may contact us at info(at)cityowlpress(dot)com for wholesale


1. I am an author / agent. How do I submit a title to City Owl Press?

Please see our queries page for details, including what genres we’re actively acquiring, and contract terms.

2. What is the editorial process?

After contract signing, the developmental editor communicates with the acquired author via email and/or phone about their editorial process, including their editing and communication style. Standard: 1-2 rounds of developmental edits, 2 page minimum editorial letter, and time to release between 6 – 14 months.

After developmental edits are complete, your book will be placed on a copy editor’s schedule. Depending on the depth of edits required, this will range from simple grammar, spelling, and continuity edits (proofreads) to more in-depth edits to style and sentence structure (line edits). Approximately 1 – 2 months before release date.

3. How are ARCs (advanced reading copies) utilized?

Trade ARCs are created and distributed to trade reviewers, such as Publisher’s Weekly, Library Journal, Fresh Fiction, Reader’s Favorite, and more. This comes after developmental edits but before copyedits; approximately 4-6 months before release. They are digital and uncorrected proofs. If an author wishes to use the Trade ARC for a review team, social media team, etc., it can be requested for use. Otherwise, final files are given approximately 1 month before release.

4. What is the timeline for pre-orders?

Pre-orders for eBooks can happen as soon as 1 month to as long as 6 months before release. We prefer NOT to do a long pre-orders for Amazon, however, due to the nature of their algorithm. Every other retailer can have a longer pre-order period.

Pre-orders for print books are not currently standard for our titles as we focus on digital first; however, we are testing some titles at present (2024) on print pre-orders.

5. How do marketing plans work?

Each book has a marketing plan geared for its specific launch based on genre, trends, and number in series. Every book is sent for trade reviews, placed on the different review sites (NetGalley, LibraryThing, Booksprout), and sent to our ARC (advanced reader team). Authors will receive a letter outlining their individualized marketing plan.

6. Can bookstores/libraries order my book?

Yes. Each print book is offered at a 40% discount to bookstores, libraries, and other wholesalers via Ingram. Print copies can also be ordered directly via City Owl Press, and we are actively working on a direct sales sites just for wholesalers.

eBooks, if not in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program, are also available to order via Overdrive and other platforms.

7. What is offered for sub-rights (audio, translation, commercial, and film/tv rights)?

Our contracts include a list of sub-rights as we work with several partners in these various sub-rights areas. Please see our Team page for a full list of our current partners. Current sales we've made in each area via direct or partners are listed below.

Audio sales: Tantor, Podium, Blackstone, Dreamscape, Pink Flamingo and more

Foreign rights sales: Italy, Turkey, France, Brazil, Spain, and more coming.

Commercial (digital apps): YONDER, Radish, Tales Publishing, Fictum, Crazy Maple Studios, and Chapters.