Audiobook Deal for New Romantasy Trilogy

March 11, 2024 -


City Owl Press is excited to announce a three-book audiobook deal with Tantor Media for A KINGDOM OF SOULS AND SHADOWS, by Leslie O'Sullivan, and two additional sequels in the Fae Destiny series.

Pitched in an exclusive submission, O'Sullivan's series follows Eala Duir, a college professor, who has skirted the edges of a fantasy world. When a cryptic message in her grandmother’s will sends her to Ireland, Eala must decide whether to embrace a centuries-old otherworldly quest or flee back to the safe and predictable life she thought she always wanted.


"We're so happy to be able to partner with Tantor for another series. These books are an absolute delight, and we can't wait for audiobook fans to hear them." - Tina Moss, Chief Operating Officer for City Owl Press

"Leslie is a joy to work with, and we couldn't be happier to make this dream a reality for her." - Yelena Casale, Chief Marketing Officer for City Owl Press

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