Highy Anticipated Romantasy Novel from JP Roth

April 30, 2024 – City Owl Press is thrilled to announce the signing of author JP Roth for her highly anticipated romantasy novel, Divinica, based on her popular graphic novels. Roth is represented by Stephanie Hansen of Metamorphosis Literary Agency.

Divinica introduces readers to a mysterious world where a haunting curse resets humanity’s memories with electric red waves every thirteen days. The protagonist, Divinica, wakes up in a defunct psychiatric hospital each cycle, her body marked by thirteen symbols, and struggles to recall her own name. Amidst her battle to comprehend her devastating existence, she discovers a poem inscribed on her arm that transforms into radiant symbols, revealing a time-bending gateway.

JP Roth is not only an author but also an acclaimed artist and the owner of the popular Rothic comics. Through it, she herself has published several original series, including Ancient Dreams, and Theory of Magic and Kiss. Roth’s global experiences have shaped her storytelling, which she crafts from her home, wrapped in a soft fluffy blanket with a cup of tea.

Roth has a large online following, including over eighteen thousand Instagram fans. Her creative vision and storytelling prowess make her a perfect addition to the City Owl Press family. The press is eager to work with Roth to help grow her career as an author and bring her debut novel to a wide audience.

Divinica promises to be a captivating journey through a world of magic and mystery, and City Owl Press looks forward to sharing this enchanting tale with readers.

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