Job Announcement: Editorial Assistant / Intern

March 9, 2021 - 

City Owl Press is on the search for an editorial assistant/intern for our Mystic Owl line. This will be a limited duration, paid internship that will work directly under the Editorial Director’s supervision.


  • Deep-rooted love for all sub/genres of sci-fi/fantasy with strong romance.
  • Avid reader who keeps up on the trends in the above-mentioned genres.
  • Excellent communication and literacy skills.
  • Classes in English, media studies, journalism, or similar are a plus (degree is not required). Or related experience in writing and/or publishing.
  • Must be comfortable with (or willing to learn) the use of Track Changes in Word.
  • Comfortable with varying platforms of email and social media
Excellent grasp of what is acceptable in publishing in regards to:

  • Point of view
  • Dialogue
  • Pacing
  • Story structure
  • Flow
  • Details
  • Character and story arcs
  • Passive writing (when to and when not to)
  • Show vs. tell (when to and when not to do both)
Editorial Assistant/Intern Responsibilities:

  • Read through query letters to find manuscripts that fit the Mystic Owl line and request partial or fulls from the author or agent upon editorial director’s approval.
  • Send rejection, or partial or full request emails to writers.
  • Prepare acquisitions reports to present manuscripts for acquisitions.
Prepare manuscripts for publication, performing any combination of the following duties:

  • Read manuscripts for content on POV, characterization, show vs. tell, active vs. passive writing, language, description, sensory details, dialogue, setting, pacing, plot, etc.
  • Perform one round of content edits looking for issues of the aforementioned for the acquiring editor using Track Changes in Word.
  • Edit back cover copy.
  • Edit synopsis.
  • Initiate and/or reply to correspondences regarding material published or being considered for publication.
  • Research authors social media accounts to check for presence, engagement, and platform.
  • Treat all with fairness, courtesy, honesty, and transparency with appropriate business language and correspondence.
  • Other duties as assigned by the editorial director
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