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Elemental Warriors, Book 3

Micah, a fierce elemental warrior, wields the raw power of earth, fighting for the world against the minions of chaos. Yet, a haunting past trauma has left him imprisoned in self-imposed isolation, never allowing himself to form connections or experience intimacy. But that changes after he meets Jade, a human woman with elemental powers in her blood. Though Micah tries to distance himself, fate has other plans. When Jade hires Micah as security, he goes along with the ruse to drain her powers safely, and the two begin to grow closer.

Jade is after gemstones, determined to mine her claim to get enough to pay for good care for her mother. Driven by an unbreakable determination, Jade refuses to let anyone or anything stand in her way, even as mysterious forces begin to converge around her.

As the chaos threatens to crumble their world and their new relationship, Micah must unearth the strength to confront his deepest fears and shattered past to win Jade and save their future. Will their connection prove unbreakable, or will it be crushed under the weight of fear and betrayal forever?

In this mesmerizing and perilous paranormal romance, Micah and Jade discover the true strength of their bond, navigating treacherous paths with both sensual allure and heart-stopping action. Together, they must break the shackles of their haunted pasts and embrace a love that can move mountains.




Book Author: Joanna Morgan
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