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Behind the Scenes, Book 3

Elodie Pettipas is reeling from landing her dream job, the coveted production designer position on the hit Irish TV show, The Chieftain’s Son. Even though her talent and excellent track record of bringing history to life on screen has allowed her to soar past much more experienced competitors, Elodie battles with anxiety and the self-doubt of being able to handle the demands of the mega-show.

After months of virtual meetings, Elodie arrives on set in Ireland finally meeting cinnamon roll showrunner, Bobby Provost, face-to-face. As Elodie struggles to win over her new crew, Bobby’s generous support and belief in her talents boost her confidence. What began as an easy online friendship in virtual meetings deepens into a steamier collaboration.

Just as Elodie succeeds in winning over her team and allows herself to embrace the budding romance with Bobby, a career-making offer from Hollywood intrudes on her idyllic vision of the future.

Will the lure to rise in the Hollywood hierarchy destroy Elodie’s path to happiness?

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Book Author: Leslie O’Sullivan
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