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Ravens Hollow Coven, Book 4

An ancient curse has prevented astrologer Brooke Howe from finding true love. She hides her longing by matching others with the hope of someday changing her plight.

When Nico Denopoulos, the gorgeous younger brother of a friend, struts into her shop seeking a soulmate, she’s immediately drawn to his magnetic presence and his romantic heart. She can’t deny the intense sensation drawing her to the sexy-as-sin chef.

An ugly divorce has kept Nico laser-focused on the opening of his new restaurant. He’s been single for years, but now loneliness has crept into the cracks of his heart. Fearing that he’s grown bitter, he has high hopes that Brooke can help him with his problem, except for one thing—the more time he spends with her, the more he wants her—in every way possible.

As much as Brooke wants to believe Nico is the real deal, she fears that when the seasons change so will his feelings. Inexplicably drawn together, she can’t help but wonder if he may hold the secret to reversing the curse and changing her destiny.

Will a secret from their shared past life bring them closer, or tear them apart forever?

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Book Author: Shari Nichols
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