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Heroes Of Andromeda, Book 3

An alien goddess who shapeshifted into the form of a porn star teams up with a defunct freedom fighter to save the solar system.

Tohva Blayde faked his own death five years ago when he joined the Shadows, a group of galactic freedom fighters. Now he figures he must have died for real, because that’s the only explanation for finding himself on a dead planet kissing his favorite actress.

Ioanna Ryder is an alien-goddess and everything she knows about humanity she learned from watching the erotic movies she found on a spaceship that crashed into her homeworld. Desperate to find her missing sister, Io shapeshifts into the image of a famous actress hoping to convince a human pilot to help her.

Whether he’s really dead or not, Tohva agrees to travel into the heart of enemy territory to rescue Io’s sister. Along the way, their newly discovered passion for one another grows. But Io really is an alien-goddess and will live forever. Tohva will not. Even if they succeed and save both sister and solar system, will their differences destroy their only chance for love?




Book Author: Debra Jess
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