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The Revere Trilogy, Book 2

The history books, retelling the story of a fell-fated expedition to the West Rim, won’t remember the name of the Stranger, a woman who loved her family and worshiped her freedom. But the rest of the Rim will.

What remains of the Revere family vows vengeance on their once-partners the loss of their train and the deaths caused by it.

In Hannah, the black refinery dust stains the sun red, and the streets are haunted. Adelaide the Stranger stalks the men responsible for her capture and her sister’s death. But she is not the only ghost. Alone and miles from her family in the mining settlement where she was born, she is forced to finally reckon with her mother’s memory, long buried but never dead–or become one.

Tesla the Widow has found sanctuary with old friends, but not peace. For progress waits for no woman to load her gun and she has no intention of hiding forever, especially when Adelaide’s ransom note comes.

As the shadow of east-blood expansion creeps west, the Reveres risk everything they have left on secret chemistry project and the ultimate ammunition heist will give them leverage over the railroad expansion, and the chance to restore the promise their family name once held.

But this is the Rim. Trustworthy deals are rare as water, fragile as dawn, and only the ruthless live long enough to see it change Seasons.

So let it be dark. Let it be bloody. Let us pray—for red is the color of revenge.

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Book Author: J.L. Delavega
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