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Blood Fae Druid, Book 2

Being bad never tasted so good.

Lane Callaghan almost died six months ago. Her heroic deed finally achieved the one thing she always wanted and finally realized she never needed—the sun fae’s respect. While the fae no longer wish her dead, she has new bigger, badder enemies at large. And after inadvertently binding herself to the beast inside her sugar muffin, Teddy, possibly within her bedroom.

Once again thrust into the unwanted role of heroine, Lane and her sisters are hired—some would say forced—into another job. This time, it isn’t just the sun stones that are missing, sun fae are vanishing without a trace. As Lane reluctantly begins to peel back the layers of the investigation, she discovers sun fae secrets and shames that hit a little too close to home and threaten to tear her family apart.

Lane must navigate a treacherous path through lies, secrets, and escaped homicidal druids, all with the jaws of Teddy’s black wolf hovering at her neck.




Book Author: S.L. Choi
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