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Blood Fae Druid, Book 3

Some bridges are meant to be broken.

Lane Callaghan finally has something to celebrate. Not only did she land a mate who looks stellar in denim, she fulfilled her contract with the sun fae and locked a deadly, dark prince behind bars in the process. To toast her freedom from the realm of Eodrom, Lane, her sisters, and their best gal pals head out for a night on the town.

As expected, the music is loud, the drinks flow, and the snack bowls are bottomless. What they don’t expect is the moonbit werewolf stripper who turns the party into a bloodbath, but maybe they should have. While Lane and her sisters have been focused on fae drama, human paranormals, werewolves in particular, have been succumbing to a rare infection, and their good friend Zee fears she’s next.

At last, Lane has a case closer to home. Or so she thinks, until Fate arrives to dispense a dire warning that the subterfuge in the fae realm of Ta’Vale isn’t over, and it’s closer to Lane than she thinks. In fact, it might have everything to do with the reason she ran from home all those years ago.




Book Author: S.L. Choi
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