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Children of Fenrir, Book 1

“Kick-ass women, Icelandic warriors, and plenty of action!” – Kait Ballenger, bestselling author of The Execution Underground series

Sonya Michaelson has a problem of the howling kind. She wakes up to find her body going through wolfish changes and a telltale bite on her neck.

The man who bit her has disappeared, leaving behind a mysterious note to meet him in Montana. With her senses tipping into the freaky, she is left with no choice but to go after him.

Instead, she finds Tyler Viðarrson, an alluring man who claims he can teach her how to survive the transition…into a werewolf! But she’s not just any werewolf, she’s part of a lineage dating back to an ancient pack of Icelandic Vikings, who believe they’ve been touched by Loki.

And now the packs are fighting for her to join them.

If she doesn’t learn to handle her wolf by the full moon, she could lose what’s left of her sanity. But as she starts to get hot for teacher, she fears her sanity may be the least of her worries.

With an unknown rogue wolf changing people and an ancient power looming inside her, will she be able to get a grip on her bite, or will the wolf control her?

Disclaimer: Previously published as Once Bitten, now with new material.




Book Author: Heather McCorkle
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