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Youkai Bloodlines, Book 3

Two hundred years of differing opinions can strain even the seemingly eternal love of the youkai.

Hiro finds comfort in his friendship with Takanori, a vociferous human man he met at a ramen shop and can’t seem to keep away from, and when Hide’s apathy finally pushes them to the breaking point, it’s here he runs. Everything Hiro had to fight for from Hideyoshi, Takanori gives freely, making it all too easy to turn away from his responsibilities–and Hideyoshi–in favor of something sweeter.

But while Hiro is off playing human, danger is brewing among the Youkai. Hideyoshi, still reeling from his breakup with Hiro, struggles to uphold the promise they made to the Hunter leader, Kyo. The Youkai’s loyalty has been challenged by Hiro’s abrupt disappearance. With Hunters literally banging at the door, Hide must find a way to bring Hiro home or risk igniting the war they’ve spent the last two hundred years trying to prevent.

“Blood Bound is fascinating, to say the least, and the execution is simply perfection. The character development is phenomenal, and I cannot find a single fault with the story. I loved every aspect!” – Reader’s Favorite

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Book Author: Courtney Maguire
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