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Spirit Seeker, Book 2

The action continues in this bestselling series as Sybille Esmond discovers a deep aversion for fae.

One kidnapped her friend.

Another is threatening her niece.

All of them are pissing her off.

But Sybille is a psychic, not a soldier, and when her best friend Devin is taken by a strange fae woman, she’ll have to fight like hell to get him back.

All while keeping his niece safe, and her blood-thirster boyfriend, Elis, at bay. He keeps openly wishing she’d join him in the undead life. Sybille won’t let Elis’ unsavory desires, evil spirits, or the barriers between worlds keep her from rescuing Devin.

She’ll travel between realms and risk war. The fae want control over those Sybille holds most dear: Devin, his possessed niece, and even Earth itself.

If she can’t stop the fae war, everyone she loves will either become a war prize, or wind up as collateral damage.

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Book Author: Amber K Bryant
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