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Spirit Seeker, Book 3

There’s no time to rest when there’s an entire future to lose.

Having just saved the world from a supernatural assault, psychic Sybille Esmond is hoping fate will cut her some slack. Instead, her cousin is possessed by the spirit of Sybille’s nemesis, her dearest friend is likely dead, and her previously undead boyfriend refuses to resign himself to his new status as a mortal.

And then, there are the spirits…

Trapped on earth, thousands of them have flocked to Sybille, hoping if they haunt her, she’ll figure out why they’ve been barred from the Afterlife. As she searches for a way to free them, she stumbles across a plan that will make all her other problems seem trivial.

The spirits aren’t the only ones seeking the Afterlife. There’s a new fae scheme in the works, and when Sybille is granted a vision of the future, she realizes the stakes could not be higher. If her ragtag team fails to stop the fae, both the living and the dead will quite literally run out of the one thing that matters most: time.

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Book Author: Amber K Bryant
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