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The Boleyn Bloodline, Book 1

When PhD history student, Ellie Bowlan, attends a séance, she receives a strange message: To end your family curse, you must save the life of the man who killed your parents.

Ellie has always believed her parents’ death to be an accident, but this mysterious missive hints at a secret murder. As a skeptic of all things supernatural, she ignores this bizarre advice, until her research forces her to face the truth about her parents’ murders and the astonishing connection between the Bowlan and Boleyn family line.

Long before Anne Boleyn was Queen of England, she was a precocious teen growing up in the French Royal Court. At the elegant Chateau Clos-Luce, Anne is tutored in witchcraft by artist Leonardo da Vinci and French royalty, Marguerite de Navarre. Drawn in by the alluring power of the Craft, Anne pursues her supernatural gifts with zeal. Then one night, she casts forbidden magic to kill the villainous King of France and leaves behind a terrible curse that echoes across the generations.

And Ellie is next in line to pay the price. Soon Ellie realizes that solving her parent’s murders isn’t enough. She must find a way to end the curse or fall victim to its dire consequences.

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Book Author: Deborah Cohen
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