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The Bonded Vampire Chronicles, Book 1

When a vampire bonds to a human, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Sebastian Blake is beautiful, charming and immortal, yet when he bonds to the human, Emily Heart, his poise, wealth and good looks are met with derision and hostility.

Independent, feisty Emily refuses to abandon her friends and family to pursue everlasting youth and eternal life with Sebastian. But the longer she resists her attraction to him, the more damage the powerful mate bond inflicts on his mind, leaving him vulnerable to a group of sadistic vampire hunters.

The hunters weaponize vampire-human bonds to weaken their immortal foes and harvest their blood. They reveal shocking secrets about Sebastian’s past, strengthening Emily’s resolve to stay away from him.

Can Sebastian win Emily’s heart before it’s too late? Or will Emily fracture their volatile bond, sacrificing their only chance for true love?




Book Author: Christie Clayton
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