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Jinx McGee, Book 1

Jinx McGee saw her first demon when she was five…and looking in a mirror.

Never one to let life get her down, Jinx turns her unfortunate state of demonic possession into a lucrative career as a demon hunter. It takes a demon to find a demon, and Jinx’s demon is superior at finding the others… when inclined to cooperate.

The hours suck, management’s deadly, and her co-workers are almost as weird as her. Still, it beats retail. And once she’s worked enough cases, she’ll figure out how to separate from her demon and live happily—and normally—ever after.

But a rebellion is brewing in hell that threatens earth. The leader thinks Jinx and her personal demon hold the key to his victory. Jinx’s boss believes it makes her a liability and puts her on a strict deadline to sort it out—or else.

And now the smoking hot demon who once broke her heart conveniently shows up to serve as a consultant on the case. But Jinx suspects he knows more about the rebellion than he’s saying.

Trust her sexy demon ex with a second chance and her rag-tag band of fellow demon hunters, including a wolf-cursed Russian giant, a genius with a Wikipedia demon, and the twin demons of technology? Not likely. But it may be her only chance to save the world from Armageddon.




Book Author: D. B. Sieders
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