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In one eBook volume, the complete trilogy—including UnregisteredUnafraid, and Undone—that portrays an “exceptional near-future totalitarian nightmare” (Publishers Weekly).

Unregistered (Book 1)
Living the ideal life is a human right . . . unless you’re unregistered.
Under the watchful eye of the Metrics, Bristol and his friends fight to escape the government’s clutches and survive long enough to discover an unknown world.
Unafraid (Book 2)
When freedom has a price, who will stand unafraid?
The Metrics government has claimed success in relocating millions of Unregistered citizens out west. But the group who escaped their insidious plan knows the truth—the government had their fellow outsiders murdered.
Undone (Book 3)
Hope can finish a struggle left undone.
In a race against the clock, the allies must come together to save those they love back home and find their place in a new world. Will they be able to save their homes, their freedom, and their lives?

If you like Ally Condie, Dan Wells, Caragh M. O’Brien, Kyla Stone, and J.B. Simmons you’ll love this gripping dystopian ride into a sci-fi world!

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Book Author: Megan Lynch
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