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Waverly Lake, Book 3

Twenty-six-year-old Laura Crawford loves her job at The Learning Center for ASD. If only she could get her love-life in order. After her fiancé, Logan, leaves her for another woman, Laura throws herself into her work, helping kids and teenagers with ASD. But the heartbreak bleeds through her work, and her boss sends her on a special assignment—to help the Bennetts with a fundraiser in Waverly Lake. It’s a chance to get out of town for a change of scenery, and with a fast-approaching deadline, Laura puts her all behind it.

Hometown attorney Steve Albertson has had it with feuding citizens, and the nearing holidays only magnify the tension. He plans on getting out of Waverly Lake, spending Christmas at a condo on the Gulf Coast. When Beverly Bennett asks him to help with her fundraiser, how could he say no? He only wishes he had when he meets the organizer, Laura, who immediately pegs him as too high maintenance and self-absorbed to care about the task at hand.

As the two work together to hammer down a fundraiser theme and venue, they discover that first impressions aren’t always accurate. Between tree farms and Winter Fest, sailing and uncovering an old island mystery, the two are drawn to each other. As a bah humbug citizen threatens to shut down their fundraiser, Laura’s past threatens to pull them apart. Can Waverly Lake’s holiday magic pull off a Christmas miracle?




Book Author: Mary Shotwell
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