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Children of Fenrir, Novella

A novella beginning the Children of Fenrir full-length novels. Read how it all starts!

Sonja Michaelson has a monumental taste for bad men. So, when an alpha male in motorcycle gear walked into her bar and snatched a dart aimed at his head, she fell so fast and hard her impact could have leveled a small city.

Whether the connection would turn into love or remain lust didn’t matter. The damage had already been done.

Raul Anderson’s mission was simple: find the girl, convince her to turn, bring her back to Hemlock Hollow, and in doing so, save his sister’s life. His target had been primed by a father who loved the lore of their culture and kind, so it should have been easy.

He expected a half-Swedish, half-Cherokee princess used to having everything handed to her, one who would jump at the chance of quintupling her lifespan by becoming a werewolf.

But when he saw the black-haired beauty, holding her own behind the bar and working her butt off to pay her way through med school, it threw a wrench into his plans. And hooked him deep in the heart.

Would love surmount the divide between them or damn them before it even began?

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Book Author: Heather McCorkle
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