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Rockin’ Fairy Tales, Book 4

A year ago, lovers Benedict Boyd and Beatrice Sharpe, lead singers of the rock band, B & B + 3, made Hollywood history with a spectacular break up at Hotel Caliwood that ended with Beatrice in the pool, ruining a wildly expensive designer dress. Beatrice dropped off the grid, leaving the band without a lyricist.

After a year on the road, Benedict and the band are back in Hollywood, preparing to go into the studio to record a much-anticipated album to resurrect the singer’s tainted fame. Although Benedict is a genius with music, he’s a disaster with lyrics. If he can’t deliver completed songs for the album, his band’s future is in jeopardy.

Back at Hotel Caliwood, Benedict encounters Beast, a mysterious, harpy poetess who’s taken up residence in the abandoned library. Following a prickly beginning, the two forge a musical partnership that promises to save the band.

To his surprise, Benedict forms an attachment to Beast which blossoms into unexpected affection. Unbeknownst to Benedict, any possibility of a future for the unconventional pair is tainted by the curse slapped on Beast by a jealous enchantress.

Will help from the ghosts of Hotel Caliwood and Beast’s beautiful lyrics allow Benedict to let go of his past and embrace this new love, or will he turn away, dooming Beast to remain a harpy forever?

The snap and spice of Much Ado About Nothing meets a gender swap Beauty and the Beast in this enemies to lovers, rockstar romantasy set at Hollywood’s haunted Hotel Caliwood.




Book Author: Leslie O’Sullivan
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