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Eternal Alliances, Novella 1

As the line between past and present thins—so does Belle’s grip on reality.

Queen Belle is ready to put her dead father, and the years of his abuse, In the ground and move forward with her new marriage to the vampire king, Alex. She is eager to rule their nation of vampires, witches, and humans together.

But when someone steals dangerous supplies from the Apothecary, people fear that an illegal cursecaster may live among them. After Alex faces an assassination attempt and a mysterious injury only capable by black magic, Belle worries the cursecaster intends to kill her husband. She will do anything to keep him safe. Anything.

Convinced that only she can save Alex, Belle seeks help from the mysterious Order of Spellcasters, a magical organization founded by her father to preserve the history of magic.

Desperation to save Alex’s life fuels her, until Belle begins to question her own sanity. She must decide what deeds are worth preserving her husband’s life, and which ones will shatter their kingdom—and her mind.




Book Author: A.N. Payton
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