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Blood Rogue, Book 3

Vampire queen Samira Anai Se-Bat would do anything for her family—even make promises to a clever scientist.

When Samira turns Cordell Stuart into a vampire, it comes with a promise to help find and protect his daughter Kayla.

But the queen wants something in return: a cure for Nirvana, the drug being used to create deadly vampire rogues.

Cord stumbled on Nirvana while trying to save Kayla’s life. He never thought his research would create an army of deadly rogue vampires. Now he is caught between his promise to save a race he neither trusts nor understands, and the need to find and save his daughter.

With Samira’s murderous brother, Antu, pitting vampire factions against each other, war is brewing, and Samira is caught between her promise to save Kay and her need to protect her people. But a vision shows both thrones blending into one until they are no more.

If Sam follows the vision and sacrifices herself, will Antu subjugate the world?

In a race against time and destiny, Sam and Cord discover what they must to do. But the cost will be their new found love—and their lives.

Or will it?




Book Author: Linda J. Parisi
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