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Modern Knights, Book 4

Jacob Darien was content in jail, atoning for the sins of his past. If he was locked up, so was Abaddon, the demon general that lived inside of him. But someone from the dark recesses of his life as the avatar of chaos is determined to get both Jacob and Abaddon back in the game.

Jacob is resolved to get out of this without magic and without hurting his rehabilitation chances. But in a battle against Eris, the Goddess of Discord, and her murderous new avatar Jacob will need all the luck he can get just to survive. Trust is tough to come by as the FBI, the police, and his former chaos demon lover all have their own agenda with Jacob.

Worse, the new avatar seems to be someone from Jacob’s past, leaving him without allies. Short on friends and magic, Jacob is playing a dangerous game with a supernatural serial killer that’s already marked him as a future victim.

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Book Author: Joshua Bader
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