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Casual Magic, Book 2

Her first hate and first love are back in town. Things are about to get heated…

Cat Byrne seems sweet, but she’s hiding a volcanic temper. Her anger-fueled fire magic can melt tires off cars. Then her ex-best friend moves back to town, and the guy keeps popping up in inconvenient places, making sure she’s running at a constant simmer.

Rafael Aguado hopes to calm the waters between him and Cat, but that’s hard to do when she’d rather see him boil alive. Maybe the water elemental could cool her off with time, but he has romantic competition. Rafael lost Cat to a handsome earth elemental years ago, and he refuses to let his rival win again. Even if it means kissing the hell out of the magical man to throw him off balance.

Aspen Baumann’s last relationship taught him an important lesson: never settle for less. Determined to have both the people he wants in his bed, the earth elemental attempts to regrow the bond between the estranged pair–with him rooted directly in the middle.

Hopefully, enough indecently steamy encounters can wash away past mistakes…




Book Author: Lauren Connolly
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