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If only there was a guidebook on how to land the London boy of your dreams…

Nora Shrapsan is literally writing the book on London, and she’s not going to let fantasies about her sexy British ex-boyfriend break her stride. So what if she has been reunited with semi-famous rock star Hugh Jeffries, and their chemistry is still palpable? He’s engaged, and Nora needs to focus on…anything besides Hugh’s lips.

Julian Rhodes is Hugh’s best mate, and his secret feelings for Nora are one thing that won’t stay in the past. When a desperate Nora begs him to help her navigate London, Julian has to say yes—strictly to keep her from getting fired, of course. Surely, they can go to murder tours, magic shows, and museums without any feelings getting in the way. No problem.

But the more time Nora and Julian spend together, the less Nora finds herself thinking of Hugh. Maybe her second-chance romance didn’t go according to plan, but that doesn’t mean Nora could ever fall for her ex’s best friend, right?




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