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Syn City Shifters, Book 2

We’re fated mates with a love so strong that I refuse to let death keep us apart.

When my mate Kiva died, I bargained away everything to a mysterious supernatural. She brought my mate back to life with a curse that would forbid her to remember me, to remember us. The spell can only be broken by true love’s kiss. Not the easiest task when it took me seven proposals to convince my fated mate to say yes the first time.

Two years later, I find her living as the mortal daughter of the mythological Furies. An amnesiac, Kiva doesn’t remember me, my bear shifter clan, or how she died, but I’m here to remind her no matter what it takes.

Except someone in Syn City is out to end her life permanently and steal her away from me forever. No way am I letting that happen.

A Steamy Second Chance Romance with a Murder Mystery, a Bear Shifter Determined to Win Back His Lost Love, a Warrior with Amnesia, and Roller Derby




Book Author: Luna Joya
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