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Vampire Reality Show, Book 1

On the Vampire Reality Show, Forever After, unexpected love isn’t the only plot twist.

Autumn Reid is in a rut. At nearly thirty, she hasn’t ventured outside her sleepy Georgia town, Covey Crossing. Spotting an ad for a new dating show, Forever After, she jumps on the chance. It’s a dating show with a twist—a vampire bachelor. Sure, the winner gets either cash or immortality, but Autumn doesn’t expect to make it that far. She just needs a shakeup in her dull life. What she doesn’t expect is the infuriatingly handsome vampire duke.

Impoverished duke Oliver Gray desperately needs money to save his estate. When he’s offered the bachelor spot on Forever After, he has no choice but to accept. But there’s a catch—he must wear Victorian clothing and pretend to have been hibernating for the last one hundred years. Fine. He can pretend to be clueless and don a top hat. What he truly struggles to figure out is the alluring human with a smart mouth. He can’t seem to send her home, not when something deep inside insists she may be his one true mate.

But a love-hate relationship is the least of Autumn and Oliver’s problems. Contestants are being murdered one by one, and a vampire appears to be to blame. But the show must go on, and the director is convinced a relocation to their finale in England will solve all their problems. But Oliver and Autumn’s dreams of forever after may be cut short when the killer follows them across the pond and decides Autumn is next.

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