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Alice Worth, Book 7

When the truth will get you killed, lies are the only way to save your soul…

Mage private investigator Alice Worth and alpha werewolf Sean Maclin have finally moved in together. Their new domestic arrangement is strained by the presence of Alice’s father, a longtime lone wolf struggling to fit into his daughter’s dangerous and unpredictable life. To make matters worse, would-be assassins track Alice’s every move and she’s estranged from her ghost sidekick Malcolm.

Restless at home surrounded by protective werewolves, Alice takes a new case with Malcolm reluctantly riding shotgun. What starts as a straightforward search for a missing artist quickly spirals into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with a seemingly invincible foe whose cruelties know no bounds. Already on edge after another attempt on Alice’s life, Sean and Malcolm ask her to do the impossible: walk away from the case.

When her grandfather, crime lord Moses Murphy, gives her a deadly ultimatum and her plan to resolve her case goes up in flames, Alice will need every power, alliance, and skill at her disposal to defeat her adversaries. The stakes are much more dire than simply life and death—and the very souls of Alice and everyone she loves hang in the balance.




Book Author: Lisa Edmonds
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