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Alice Worth, Book 8

Survive the Holidays with Alice, Private Investigator of the Supernatural.

The pack’s greatest strength is its heart.

Mage private investigator Alice Worth has plenty to celebrate this holiday season. She and alpha werewolf Sean Maclin have settled into their new home just in time for their first Christmas. Her relationship with her father Daniel has improved and she’s welcomed a new business partner. When she’s not busy helping Sean keep their pack in line, she’s even playing matchmaker. Sometimes Alice’s head spins just thinking about how much her life has changed.

Unfortunately, she also has plenty of reasons to worry. Sean’s security company faces an uncertain future, rival packs are determined to destroy their newfound happiness, and a mysterious enemy hired a PI to dig up secrets from Alice’s troubled past.

Before Alice and Sean can meet up under the mistletoe, they must defeat these enemies. But even darker threats lurk in the shadows, ready to strike without warning…




Book Author: Lisa Edmonds
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