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Coven Daughters, Book 5

Fire witch, Megan O’Neil, can’t outrun the Coven Daughters prophecy, but she’s sure going to try. When she reunites with rock star Thom James—the one man who sparks her fire like no other—their passions ignite. But Megan soon finds herself squaring off against a malevolent spirit who has possessed her spell book.

Thom James only ever wanted to make music. He didn’t believe in magic or witchcraft until he met Megan. When she thunders back into his life with supernatural secrets in tow, secrets that his bandmates appear to be embroiled in, he can no longer ignore that paranormal forces have their hooks in him.

Though bound by darkness, Thom and Megan rediscover love in each other’s arms. Soon, her book unleashes its full might in service of the frightening prophecy. And Thom’s music has been commandeered by evil and used as a sinister code. Against staggering odds, will Thom and Megan survive having their talents turned against them—all while keeping the fire between them alive?




Book Author: Kat Turner
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