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Love Beyond Danger, Book 2

When a special agent leaves her broken-hearted, archaeologist Maddie Cooper digs in deep.

After a devastating break-in at her artifacts’ storage facility, Maddie’s shocked to find her former love, Scott Fisher, assigned to the case.

Maddie deserves far better than the dark, dangerous world that consumes him. Yet, staying away from her turns out easier said than done as the man he’s chasing leads him to Maddie’s latest work site.

When the ruthless developer moves into town and tries to bribe Maddie to falsify a survey, she’s determined to bring the crooked man down without any help—least of all from her former lover.

But with Maddie’s life on the line, Scott must win back the trust of the only woman he’s ever loved in order to save her, before tragedy strikes again.




Book Author: Diane Holiday
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