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Shakespeare’s Women Speak, Book 2

Spurned by her first love Beatrice swears off men and marriage…

…until Benedict walks back into her life. Will she risk her heart a second time?

When her rich and titled family try to force the witty Beatrice to accept a betrothed, she holds fast to her vow.

But when her heart strings are tugged once more, two years after her initial heartbreak, she has trouble resisting the man who started it all.

Benedict may have been poor before, but now he’s gained wealth and renown for prowess both on the battlefield and in the bedroom.

The two reunite in a series of hot skirmishes, wielding words like fencing foils.

But can they drop their defenses long enough to realize their love burns as bright as ever or will their desires be doomed to the past?

This charming re-imagining of “Much Ado About Nothing” is sure to enchant longtime Shakespeare fans and newcomers alike.

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Book Author: Maryanne Fantalis
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