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Miss Misery, Book 5

Sometimes everything goes to hell. Sometimes hell comes to you.

Jessica Moore has one hell of a to-do list. Number one: Bring the fury who attacked her friends to justice. Number two: Obtain the last item required to re-lock a magical prison. And number three: Save the world by actually re-locking the damn thing before its demonic prisoners escape.

But with a red sky enveloping the earth, humans and nonhumans alike are panicking, and the fanatical fringe is growing violent. Anti-magers—humans who want to destroy all things magical—are waging war on Jess and her friends.

And there’s still the problem of the key. It’s the last item Jess and her allies are searching for, but legend claims it’s trapped within the prison itself. Someone will have to go in there and face down the demons to find it.

Naturally, guess whose strange power is the only thing that might succeed? Even with Lucen at her side and a Gryphon army at her back, this might be too much for a misery junkie to handle.




Book Author: Tracey Martin
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