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Alice Worth World, Book 1

A fallen angel sentenced to a mortal life among humans.
A former soldier turned private investigator who’s been there, killed that.
The bad guys don’t have a prayer.

Ronan, once the archangel Remiel, chose to fall from Heaven after breaking angelic law. For centuries, he lived and worked among humans as a bounty hunter. A chance encounter with the mysterious mage Alice Worth in the so-called Broken World forced him to violate angelic law once more to save millions of lives. Cut off from his kin with his wings and power bound, Ronan is a man without a future, purpose, or reason to live.

Arkady Woodall left a dangerous job at the Vampire Court to return to the profession she loves most: private investigator. Now she’s Alice Worth’s business partner, and for the first time in years she’s calling her own shots. Most of all she wants to find the enigmatic Ronan, who’d shown up in Alice’s yard beaten nearly to death and then vanished again as soon as he’d recovered.

Sparks fly when Ronan and Arkady cross paths and stumble upon a kidnapping in progress. What starts as a simple rescue turns into a deadly mystery that sends them on a wild and daring chase from the city’s most depraved depths to its grandest penthouses. When their shared addiction to danger sets them against a powerful enemy, Ronan and Arkady realize their only hope of survival is each other, but a devastating secret might spell doom for them both…




Book Author: Lisa Edmonds
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