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Shut Up And Kiss Me, Book 3

A millionaire pretending to be a chauffeur to get out of a marriage pact, what could possibly go wrong?

Eleanora “Nora” Atwood has never grocery shopped or taken public transportation, but to access her trust, she’s required to live in the real world for three months—or marry. Nora has no interest in love, so a paper-only marriage is the obvious solution. And she knows the perfect groom—Anthony Carter, a fellow heir who owes her a huge favor.

Fritz, rarely known as Anthony these days, takes advantage of his beard and Nora Atwood’s cluelessness when she mistakes him for a chauffeur. The eccentric socialite thinks her plan to cash in her chip with Anthony and marry him is brilliant, but Fritz almost got trapped in a loveless marriage once before, and it’s not going to happen again. Letting her think he’s someone else seems harmless until she turns out to be his neighbor.

Nora, a total fish out of water, suckers Fritz into helping her navigate her newfound independence, and he learns the hard way that opposites attract, but if he doesn’t tell her his true identity before she stumbles on the truth, he’ll risk losing her forever.

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Book Author: Jaqueline Snowe
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