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Join Vanessa. Inspector. Steampunker. Robot Wrangler.

In the wilds of America, Vanessa Hargreaves finds herself up to her corset in trouble.

Her investigation stymied by monstrous horrors, the Inspector continues to carry the deadly Cook plague away from villains unknown. Traveling with her automata Alphonse, she doesn't know can't tell if she's running from the steaming, lurching giants at her heels or her guilt at putting her loved ones in danger. From deadly circus side shows to a ghostly train that seems to have a life of its own, the very land of the new world seems to be attempting to thwart her at every turn.

The American heartland is rife with strange, wondrous, dangerous oddities of its own, challenging her convictions and her very service to her Queen. Loyalties and regrets will become the least of her worries as titanic forces are mustering, from ghost trains to air pirates, to bring her great American adventure to an untimely end.

“Law fills the pages with exciting gear action and fashion.” - Publisher's Weekly ★★★★

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Book Author: Kin S Law
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