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Her Journey, Book 1

Stranded on an island with the very person she was trying to escape…

The plan was easy: quit working for her overly demanding, overly ambitious, annoyingly handsome boss and launch her own career.

Before she can tell her boss to take his job and shove it, Charlie Middleton loses her dear aunt, and inherits her treasured Scottish cottage. Devastated, Charlie jet-sets across the Atlantic to a remote island off the Scottish coast, seeking to clear her mind and fortify her resolve to take charge of her future.

Lachlan Hart, tech genius and founder of a multi-million-dollar artificial intelligence company, discovers his reliable assistant has abruptly resigned. Feeling abandoned and lost without the woman who kept his life running like a well-oiled machine, he chases after her to bring her back.

When he arrives in the island village, Charlie is outraged at the invasion of her privacy and disgusted by his lack of boundaries. But amid a heated argument, they miss the last ferry off the island, stranding them in the storm of the century. Seeking shelter in the crumbling cottage, Charlie and Lachlan fight for survival, while wrestling a surge of newfound attraction.

Battling an onslaught of wind, rain, and rising storm surge, Charlie and Lachlan find the piece of themselves they’d lost—in each other.

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Book Author: Sofia Sawyer
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