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Her Journey, Book 2

A stress-free, last-minute, long overdue vacation in Iceland is all Ava Espinosa wants. So, she does what she does best and plans every detail down to the minute. The trip is just what she needs to reignite that spark missing from her life before taking her new promotion.

Brooks Jónsson doesn’t give a crap about itineraries. He’s a search and rescue pilot, not a tour guide, but his dad is counting on him to help him with the business. Naturally, he’d get stuck with a tourist carrying a three-inch binder of her travel plans. He needs to focus on pinpointing whatever is affecting his hometown’s fishing trade and crushing their economy, not a high-strung tourist.

From not apologizing when he almost runs her over to spoiling her rigid schedule with his tardiness, Brooks isn’t shy about his contempt for Ava. What he isn’t expecting is Ava giving that attitude right back. Every time she opens her sassy mouth, all he can think of is silencing her with a kiss.

When Ava catches wind about the mystery affecting the town’s marine ecosystem, she offers her expertise. Although the town is desperate for help, Brooks doesn’t trust outsiders. But Ava isn’t so easily deterred and with the rest of the townspeople accepting her into their fold, he struggles to hold onto his go-it-alone approach.

As Ava and Brooks reexamine how they’ve lost sight of what matters, they soon learn that opposites attract. But with happily ever after on their horizon, their past choices emerge, threatening to tear them apart.

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Book Author: Sofia Sawyer
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