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Soul Broker, Book 2

As the afterlife edges toward catastrophe, a Southern soul broker has once chance to stop it in this supernatural fantasy by the author of Waking the Dead.

With a looming energy crisis in the spirit world, soul broker Vivian Bedford must secretly help the newly departed cross to the other side. But her guardian spirit bosses don’t take kindly to her side jobs. How will she escape their ire?

Vivian has made an unlikely ally in the gorgeous grim reaper Lazarus Darkmore. When he offers to help cover her tracks, she knows she’s making a deal with darkness. But how can she refuse when he draws her in like no other?

Hell is seeping forth, and if unleashed, the floodgates will never hold it back. Now Vivian must finally choose whether to toe the line with the guardians, trust a terrifying reaper, or join a rebellion that could unleash hell on earth.




Book Author: D B Sieders
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