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Forget The Past, Book 3

She would do anything for the ones she loves. Even marry a stranger.

Luna Lamont has a few short months to find a husband or else she loses out on a surprise inheritance. Content living life as an independent woman, she’s ready to give up the cash, even if that means her deadbeat father gets the windfall instead. But when Luna realizes the money could finally mean her twin brother’s freedom, she’s forced to consider the benefits of rushed matrimony. Only, what kind of man would marry a bitter self-defense coach who only wants to use him for a payout?

Maybe a salesman with a secret crush is up for the job…

Charlie Keller falls for Luna within five minutes of meeting her. Literally. His body inevitably malfunctions when she’s nearby. He first encounters the intimidatingly attractive woman on a boat a moment before he falls overboard. The next time they’re in a room together, he dumps a pot of coffee on himself. After an accidental boob punch, Charlie knows he’ll be lucky if Luna is willing to come within fifty feet of him if she doesn’t have to. But they’re in the same wedding party, so Charlie hopes he can get through the ceremony without further embarrassment.

Imagine his surprise when the woman who has every reason to keep her distance proposes a marriage of their own.




Book Author: Lauren Connolly
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