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Dark Angel, Book 2

Urban fantasy takes wing in this follow-up to Purgatory’s Angel. “The suspense, the plot twists, the characters—great story!”—D. B. Sieders, author of the Southern Elemental Guardians series

A long flight across the ocean with a demon six rows away is no place for a dark angel. But Jaime Connor is not only running from her past and the husband who betrayed her, she is trying to protect her unborn child. She has no choice.

A suspicious death finds her in shackles upon reaching Thailand with a murderous rogue angel on her trail. In what might be Jaime’s darkest hour, a powerful ally comes to her aid. But Jaime’s path toward peace is precarious at best, considering her newfound friend has potent demons of her own.

A narrow escape takes Jaime through the Thai countryside where demons are growing a deadly hybrid flower that has the power to control minds. Destroying the flowers may well cost her more than just her own life, but if she doesn’t try, the world will be lost.

To save the people, Jaime will have to find it in her heart to forgive her husband’s betrayal and invite him back into her life. But that is a wound that has festered deep, maybe too deep . . .

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Book Author: _B. Hughes Millman
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