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Elemental Warriors, Book 2

A year ago, Ajax, an air elemental, had a one-night stand with the only woman who’s ever taken his breath away. When he sees her again, it’s for the last reason he expects—a child.

Emory says the baby is his but that’s impossible. Elemental warriors are sterile.

As Emory’s baby grows and begins to show elemental powers, she sets out on a desperate search to find Ajax, the mysterious man who made her throw her good girl nature aside for one night of breath-taking passion. She never expects them to be drawn into a whirlwind of peril.

As they reconnect and fall in love, they must confront the forces of chaos who threaten their newfound family. Can Ajax and Emory rise above the opposition and claim their second chance at happily ever after?

Find out in this turbulent yet tender paranormal romance where love takes flight.




Book Author: Joanna Morgan
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