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Souls and Shadows, Book 2

The more I know of the world, the more I am convinced that I shall never see a goblin I can really love. Jane Austen. A bit.

Everything Elinor Dashwood held dear is lost when her father blows his fortune at the casino tables then dies from the shame of it. Her half-brother and his grasping goblin wife have always despised their dryad half-sisters. They lose no time at all in kicking them out of their house.

Before they leave, Elinor meets Edward, a half-goblin who shares none of his sister’s wickedness. His compassion wins Elinor over, and she soon falls in love. But her heart is broken when she learns Edward is secretly bonded to a sexy succubus and though her soul tells her he loves her, she knows he can never be hers.

Their fortune seems to change when the family’s invited to live in a small cottage in Maine. Elinor’s heartbreak lingers but her younger sister Marianne has more luck and is wooed by a handsome incubus. Driven by her desires, Marianne quickly falls for his quick wit and charm, ignoring all of Elinor’s misgivings about the suspicious young man.

Despite all obstacles, the two sisters strive to find happiness, unaware there is a demon in the shadows, ready to make good on a bet to steal their hearts and make their suffering last forever.

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Book Author: Adrienne Blake
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