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Eternal Alliances, Book 2

Born during wartime, Natalie struggles to raise her little sister and keep their ailing father alive. When vampires raid their village, Natalie sacrifices her freedom to protect her family.

Her kidnapper, the vampire marshal, Rayhan, demands that she use her magic to solve his father’s murder in exchange for her release. The only problem: Natalie can’t control her own powers. She must trick the vampire into letting her go before her father’s medication runs out – and before she craves Rayhan more than her freedom.

Rayhan doesn’t usually kidnap civilians, but when the witch uses magic to see his memories, he knows Natalie can find his father’s killer. He longs for justice but isn’t prepared when unexpected feelings for Natalie overpower his thirst for vengeance.

With one searching for freedom and the other for revenge, the last thing they expect to find is love. When the killer targets Natalie next, she and Rayhan must decide if their new feelings are worth sacrificing their lives, and the lives of the people they love.




Book Author: A.N. Payton
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